Jackson Township MUA Service Line Inventory and Survey Program

Water Service Line diagram

Installation of lead service lines was banned in the State of New Jersey in 1987. 

It is assumed that service lines installed after that date would not be composed of lead.However, any service line composed of galvanized pipe is considered as lead. 

Jackson Township MUA has specified copper for the utility (public) portion of the service line since 1965 And, although no lead service lines have currently been identified, it is possible the customer-owned portion of the service line could have been composed of lead up until the 1987 ban went into effect. 

The Authority is required to develop and maintain a ‘Service Line Material’ inventory by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJ-DEP) and would appreciate any input from customers regarding the composition of their portion of the service line.

As part of this program, Authority customers will be receiving a pamphlet in the mail detailing how to locate and identify service lines inside the home. Click here to view this pamphlet

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